Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I Know

 Any Mama willing to take on an extra four girls for a slumber party is a brilliant Mama indeed, and I'm sure my own big girl is having the best time ever ;D

My big boy is particularly awesome with babies. And he loves them. I am so lucky to have him <3

It's always hard to say goodbye after a few days with my BFF :(

I've been blogging for a few months now and this is the first time I've embraced the emoticon here :D

Babies are funny little fellows. Mine has embraced the eardrum piercing squeal of late. She's cute enough to get away with it. For now ;)

I'd love it if you 'like' me on Facebook ;p

If you want to win a copy of Pinocchio you have a couple of days left to enter here :)

I know some stuff, and so does Shae over at Yay for Home! What do you know?