Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Mummies

I have no doubt your freebirth/homebirth/hospital birth/ceasarean was the most traumatic/ecstatic/dramatic birth that has ever been experienced. I know for sure that this makes your experience the most important and in fact the most valid when it comes to advising other people.

Similarly your choice to breastfeed/comp feed/bottlefeed is far superior to that of any other mother, so please be sure to make your feelings known as loudly as possible whenever you can.

Your choice to have one child/a few children/heaps of children makes much more sense and is of course what every family should do. Please let the other mothers know this! They are missing out!

And don't forget that if someone else isn't staying at home/returning to work as you are then they are definitely doing it wrong. Be sure to tell them how terribly this will impact their child/ren.

And now that we've ascertained that you are the greatest mother in living history for making these choices, can we please CUT THE CRAP AND START SUPPORTING EACH OTHER???

Parenting is hard enough. Own your choices. Be happy with them. But don't ever presume that because they are your choices they invalidate or are superior to those of anyone else.

Live and let live. Better yet, live and have some empathy because no matter what choices we make we are ALL just trying to do the best by our children.

With love,