Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking on water...

Generally I run a pretty tight ship. With a supertrucker hubster who is away a lot and four small people to care for it's the only way to keep us all afloat.

But lately we seem to have sprung a small leak.

It started when the hubsters F-Truck (out of the gutter, it stands for F150) needed a bigzillion dollars worth of work done. Safety is important, we got it fixed and were grateful we had the $ needed to fix it.

Then my washing machine started carrying on like I don't know what. Beeping and violently spurting water and behaving like the ten year old she nearly is. A family our size NEEDS a reliable washing machine! I'm just so grateful my parents live around the corner and we've been able to use their facilities while we work out what's what.

And then I forgot how to read a calendar. It's purple casual clothes day at my kids' school today. I wrote it on the calendar and the weekly planner on the fridge. We were running late this morning, pulled up at school and guess what my kids weren't wearing? Dashed home and changed the girl. Boy refused to wear a purple hairtie around his wrist and had no purple clothing so sulked and then decided to wear his uniform. Bolted back to school and watched them walk in... my preppie girl's first late pass. So proud.

So no huge deal right? But here's the thing, I'm a systems junkie. And my systems rely on other systems to keep us above water. So when one goes, it's like a chain reaction until I'm running entirely on caffeine.

Well I have had enough.

Fail whale you are not welcome! You may not sink this ship!

Here's what's gonna happen.

I will have a washing machine repair person out and our machine will be fixed easily and cheaply.

The F-truck will be fabulous forever after. The 80's are in man, get with the program!

The hubster's fubared iPhone will be replaced with no dramas at all and no more stress about it.

I will remember how to read and be right on top of all the stuff my kids have coming up.

And I will cuddle my kids all the time because at the end of the day, who cares about the rest of it as long as my family is okay?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kids Movies - are they getting dumber or am I?

It's a chillyish Sunday afternoon and I'm watching The Dark Crystal with my big boy. On video even!

He's seen it before and really likes it. I enjoy the trip down memory lane; I watched this with my sisters so many times when I was a kid. Along with classics like Labyrinth, The NeverEnding Story and Xanadu (which probably wasn't intended at all as a kids movie, but I adored it from a very young age and it inspired much rollerskating under the carport. Plus, Gene Kelly. Win.)

Anyway as we're watching I'm thinking about the complexity of the plot, the assumption that the watcher will understand the concepts presented and engage fully with this world of fantasy. Which is exactly what is happening here. My seven year old is asking questions and explaining ideas to me as we watch.

The puppetry is amazing, but nothing like the digital animation my kids are growing up with as the norm. 'It looks fakey' as my J tells me. He was born 8 years after the release of the groundbreaking Toy Story and the majority of kids movies he's seen look very different visually to those I loved.

I love a lot of the movies my kids enjoy, and we have a family movie night once a week or so together. But watching these oldies makes me wonder if movies for kids these days are a little simpler in plot, if they're not 'dumbed down' a bit in comparison. A lot of kids movies seem to have the odd joke or comment that's clearly for the adult audience. When done cleverly it can be very funny, when not it's just a bit base in my opinion... trying to buy off the adult as well as the kid.

But these old movies are still engaging to me, still challenging and interesting without needing to resort to adult humour. It is entirely possible that I am getting dumber. In fact I'm pretty sure of it. Four babies = four times baby brain, plus I've consumed a fair whack of alcohol since I watched these movies as a child and I'm sure that hasn't helped my cause.

What do you think? Are kids movies today all about the visual grab and not so much a good solid plot? What kids movies did you grow up with, and what do you love to watch now?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sew-sew Saturday

We've been a household of sickies this past week. I was super-crank as I had catch-ups planned with three awesome women, none of whom I've seen in ages!! Plus one I see lots but never enough lol.

So I sewed. As you do.

Slowly slowly the mojo is returning. I'm hanging out to put in an order at Fabricworm in the near future... even when the sewing mojo is on hiatus my love of fine fabric is not!

So I grabbed some fabrics from our local and sewed up this little bundle over a few days.

On the left is an appliqued bib with pocket and a nappy wallet for a gorgeous little girl who like chocolate almost as much as her motherduck. In the middle a couple of bibs for my babygirl (who one day will start solids whether I like it or not), a modification of my COAP pattern from the days of The Cauldron to make a swing top, and another nappy wallet to chuck in the pram. On the right yet another nappy wallet and a swing top for a beautiful baby girl who we don't see enough of!

An aside, I just spent ages reading back through The Cauldron blog and reminiscing, and now I can't remember what else I was going to write here! Ah but we had some good fun.

Today I'm grateful that my Mum has lent me her sewing machine, as my bigzillion dollar one desperately needs servicing!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I Know

- If you have to cancel all your social engagements for the week due to sickies, you may as well sew for the country.

- Sewing for the country can make you all emo (when you're already sick) and pine for the days you used to get creative around The Cauldron.

- Making things for people who don't know you're doing it makes you feel all warm and squishy inside.

- It appears my house isn't cleaning itself. Shocked!

- Some mornings just getting out the door with four kids dressed and fed feels medal-worthy.

- It's really not easy to find plain black leggings and a plain black stretchy long-sleeved tee in 00!

- The school fete is on tonight and I totally plan on filling my kids with garbage food and not cooking dinner. Win!

Today I'm grateful that we're all on the mend and well enough to spend some family time at the fete tonight!

I'm sharing Things I Know with Yay for Home!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We start 'em on the technology young at our place ;)

I'm playing along with My Little Drummer Boys this (almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finding my voice.

Having been pretty quiet on the (public) blogging scene for quite a while, I've been thinking a lot about my voice here. Who am I writing for? Who do I want to be?

Obviously I'm writing for an audience, although who that audience is I'm not entirely sure. I'm writing for myself too of course, but if it were entirely for myself there would be a lot more swearing.

I'm one of those dreaded 'Mummy Bloggers'. Why? Because that's who I am at this stage of my life. I've been a Mummy for seven years plus. A lot of that time I've been a stay-at-home Mum or a work-at-home-Mum. This is what shapes me right now, my precious four. More importantly I am all too aware that these days are fleeting. In the not too distant future the workplace will call me back and these days will be gone forever. I want a record of them, of who I am in his space and time. Of how my world works in the here and now.

I'm a sunshine and lollipops kinda person. Of course there is trauma, and upset, and tragedy in my life. Sometimes glimpses of that may sneak through. But above all I am an optimist and this is my happy place. I've kept a gratitude journal for years now, because I have an awful lot to be grateful for.

I've recently come across Edenland's Blog. In particular this post; How to Blog has given me some happies. It's reminded me why I decided to return to public blogging and gave me some renewed perspective on what I want to do in this space. Do yourself a favour and check out the post, and while you're there have a read back through the blog. And do not miss How to Live. I need to print this off and put it on my fridge! Brilliant.

So bear with me while I stumble around the mish mash that is my blog and in fact my life. I've often got a lot to say, and sometimes nothing to say at all. All I know is that life is my favourite and I hope some people may find some joy here with me.

Today I'm grateful for the whole new world of blogs that I've discovered recently, and my overloaded Twitter feed full of amazing writers.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lucky Bus

Edit 2/3/12: As soon as I saw Eden's prompt for the Fresh Horsies this week I thought of this post. When I went searching for it I realised it was written nearly a year ago. And now I'm looking at that publish date (21/3/11) and wondering what signs that holds too... maybe that will be the date we finalise contracts on our house? The one we haven't sold yet? 

Also, I totally saw the Lucky Bus twice this week. So it is GOING to happen. Kthxbai.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

On my birthday a number of years ago (earlier 30's than I am now at any rate) the Supertrucker went into town to buy me a present. Beautiful amythest drop earrings actually. But the point is he wasn't where I expected him to be at that time.

So anyway he got into an accident, a bus ran into the back of his car. Some drama ensued and it made for a fair bit of stress in the short term.

I'm one of those glass-half-full people, and spent a lot of time talking to the hub about how lucky we were that no one was hurt and all the great things about being in an accident. I know right? That possibly says more about who I am than anything else.

The numberplate of the bus ended in the number 15, which is my birthdate. And over the following weeks I took to referring to it as the Lucky Bus when I'd see it around town.

Over time the legend of the Lucky Bus has grown. While the accident is long forgotten, the ability to be grateful in any situation has not. If you follow me on Twitter you're likely to see mention of the Lucky Bus now and again. It's extremely exciting when I see it where it isn't meant to be (cue Twilight Zone music), or even more so if I see it twice in one day! It's become a talisman of impending good things to me. And my kids too, who have been known to point out random buses to me and ask 'Is that the Lucky Bus?".

So what kind of good things does the Lucky Bus bring to my life? Everything!

For example, this morning I was woken much earlier than usual and got to spend a quiet quarter hour with my babygirl. My big kids were at school on time. I got to have a shower. Almost by myself. I can walk to school because I have legs and I know how to use them. How lucky am I?

And that's without even seeing the Lucky Bus recently, I win!

What's your lucky talisman?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stealth Baby

 See this baby? She is very cute and cheeky. She turned four months old just over a week ago and she is a stealth baby.

I popped her on her (beautiful handmade with love by gorgeous Kate from Picklebums) chenille rug on her back and ducked into the kitchen for a tic. When I came back this is where she was.

I am not entirely sure how she got there! She must have kind of dragged herself or slid once she got to the floorboards. She is pretty darned happy with herself no?

Her oldest brother did everything by the book. Crawled at 6 months, walked at 12. Her other two siblings took a fair bit longer for both. It would appear though that our little ever-baby didn't read the contract clause about last babies STAYING BABIES!

It's lucky she's about the cutest little button in the history of the world.

And I guess I'm about to find out just how good my floor cleaning systems really are!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Judgement

I read this post over at Picklebums recently and it's played at the edges of my mind ever since.

Like everyone I'm guilty of passing snap judgements based on all sorts of factors. Like many I try not to. Sometimes those judgements are spot on, often they're a case of being a product of my upbringing and the society I live in.

Recently I seem to have attracted the ire of drivers in carparks somewhat regularly. Even when I only have two kids out with me it takes a while to load them, groceries, and my seriously awesome double pram into my people mover. Apparently for some people it takes far too long, especially if they are waiting for my car park. Because I'm not a fan of confrontation and despite the fact that it makes me scream obscenities on the inside, I've taken to not making eye contact and calmly hopping in the car to pull out my phone and chat on Twitter or play a few games until the honking stops and they bugger off. Hey that's just how I roll.

So anyway a couple of days ago I noticed an elderly gentleman parked in the handicapped spot next to my bus as I wandered up with the small two in the pram. He was staring at me as I started unloading my bags and the kids and I was feeling very nervous about accidentally knocking into his car. Having finished loading up I was walking around to hop in as he wound down his window.

"You did that very well." he said. And went on to tell me about how he and his wife had four children, and that she would have loved a pram like mine as it would have made her life so much easier. He also commented on the sliding doors on the bus and how lucky I am to have these things as a parent.

It was lovely to hear, and he was a lovely man. And as I drove off I thought about the snap judgement I'd made based on previous experiences and was reminded that every person and every situation is different.

In other news, I'm not at the Aussie Bloggers Conference. If you aren't either (or even if you are and are still blogging this weekend) pop a comment and a link in the comments, let's share the Aus Blog Con pity party love ;)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things I Know

- Rolly polly baby legs were made for squooshing and kissing and loving all over.

- Friday night is home made pizza night at our place, yay!

- The hubster and the bigs went to visit my MIL last night, and I miss them. This house is too quiet!

- Coffee is my favourite.

- Everyone should come and like my blog page on Facebook!

- I'm more than a little jealous of those heading to Aus Blog Con right now, but will enjoy living vicariously via Twitter.

FYBF- I'm loving Flog Yo Blog Friday for discovering new blogs.

I know stuff, and so does Yay For Home!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kate sews stuff.

I have a heap of sewing tutorials bookmarked at the moment, but finding time to do anything with them is a challenge! All my ducks lined up today though and I'm feeling a bit happy with myself. Once upon a time I would sew upwards of 20 cloth nappies in a day.Once upon a time I only had one child. Today I only had to work around my little two, and I'm inspired to order some lush fabric and see if I can't reclaim my sewing mojo properly.

I went to our local Lincraft this morning in search of inspiring fabric. Turns out the store is about 90% crafting stuff and very little fabric choice. The two smaller stockists of quilting fabrics in our town didn't have anything that floated my boat either... then it occurred to me to check out the soft furnishings section. Voila... cushion covers!

I'd been wanting to try these Nappy Wallets for a little while, and the tutorial was so quick and easy. The grey printed one is mine and the other is for a bogue I know. They came up pretty nice I think, even though I lined mine with minkee and having worked with that fabric many times you would think I'd have remembered that it's not the easiest to combine with a woven fabric. Mine has one toddler and one baby nappy in it (with room for more actually) and the other side I divided into two pockets for travel wipes and hand sanitiser. Nice yes?

I also made myself a tote bag. Note to self, patterns exist for a reason and the laws of physics still apply. Thinking about how something will work is not necessarily an indication that it will! That said after some unpicking and cursing (and yes I lined a bag with minkee... wanna make something of it?) I'm pretty happy with it. It has an internal pocket for my phone and purse and will fit the nappy wallet beautifully.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me Time

I have a post in my head about the value of 'me time'. My big kids are at school, the hubster is asleep on the couch next to me, the toddler is having a play with his Grandpa and the baby is asleep.

Was asleep.

Shortest 'me time' ever.

So. How do you find time to yourself? And what do you do with it?

PS the photo is not indicative of how I spend my 'me time'. But far out I would love it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non Sequiter

Sitting down, even for a minute, is an open invitation for a small person to demand 'dideys'.

Haircut parties are an excellent idea, especially with an extremely awesome hairdresser.

Hayfever is cruel, especially to toddlers who hate having their noses wiped.

My sisters are amazing, and I love them so much.

The night before my wedding, Slim Dusty was staying at the same motel as the girls and I.

I hope my big girl's hair stayed in place until her photos at school today.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kate wants stuff.

I know I know we all *want stuff*.

I'm really looking forward to one day building an extension and having some more space, and hey why not whack in a pool while we're at it?

But in the meantime I've been thinking about all the awesome things I already have that make my life easier. Like a washing machine, dish drawers, great oven and cooktop, awesome vaccuum cleaner and mop, side by side fridge/freezer, ancient but reliable Kenwood mixer, a breadmaker, the worlds most awesome coffee machine. Yep appliance wise I am truly blessed!

There are however two items I would really like to perfect my numerous systems.

A tumble dryer - we had an old one but it died a long time ago and whilst I can take stuff to my parents' place and use theirs (which I am incredibly grateful for) it would be a lot easier to be able to do it here.

A deep freeze - we've never had one but given that I buy meat in bulk and do a huge meal cookup at least once a fortnight, it would be awesome to have more freezer space. Would suit my need for hyper preparedness.

The reason we don't have these things? Nowhere to put them! But I am coming up with a cunning plan to address that maybe... if anyone can pull space out of nowhere I can! Then I just need to manifest them into my life, best start now really.

So what appliances make your life easiest? And what would you add to perfect your own systems?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Things I know

It's Things I Know Friday again!

- Costco shopping with only one child is much easier than two, three or four.

- Some time away from the toddler boy gives me a chance to miss him, and I did miss him!

- My baby can blow raspberries for more than an hour straight and it is hilariously funny.

- Organising, separating and sorting the bulk meat takes longer than buying it all in the first place! But is worth the effort for a freezer stocked like this:

- Sunny days make my heart sing.

Come link up with Yay for Home!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Some days it's harder to find gratitude than others, but if this wasn't the case how boring would life be?

Today I am grateful:

- that despite calling me to change my appointment and then apparently forgetting to put it in their system, we were able to see a health nurse who was quite lovely and full of amazement at our beautiful baby girl.

- that there may be an issue that can be fixed with regards to T-bombers lack of wordage. It appears he has fluid in his ears along with some scar tissue on one of his eardrums. I'm glad we can easily get his hearing checked out and should he need surgery to address it, it is likely to improve quickly along with his speech.

- if any of my kids had to have a needle break in their leg, it was the uberhappy baby girl who recovered quickly and has no signs of distress now.

- that I had extra money aside for Costco tomorrow, so when the doctors told me their system is having issues with my medicare card for reasons unknown and I'd have to pay the full fee immediately I was able to do so without embarrassment or stress.

- for a cup of tea and the chance to sit down for a while at my parent's place.

- that I saw the lucky bus today and therefore something great is coming!

- for friends who send me links to things they know I will find amusing at the end of a long day.

What are you grateful for?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'm playing Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys for the first time!

On Fat.

Here's an interesting thing I've been pondering lately.

I have a four month old baby. Like her sister, she's sits on the leaner side of the charts used by our health nurses to determine if a baby is healthy.

My eldest was pretty much spot on the 50th percentile for everything, so when our girl child was born it was a cause for some discomfort for me that she was persistently 'underweight' according to the charts. Luckily we had a sensible health nurse who assured me she was fine (and as a nearly 6 year old she is tall and very lean still, and perfectly healthy).

My toddler boy is very tall and quite solid, well above the averages for his age, our small girl has lovely rolly polly legs but is never likely to be a chubster like her brothers were as babies.

It was pointed out to me recently that actually only one percent can actually be at the 50th percentile, if other kids didn't fall either side then it wouldn't BE the 50th percentile. Yes, I needed that explained lol.

There is so much pressure on parents to have 'average' children though. It feels like we spend the first two years trying to fatten them up (and at least now the charts also represent breastfed children, when my big boy was a baby they were based entirely on formula fed babies whose weight gains can be quite different) but as soon as they turn two we are told to switch to low fat dairy because obesity is such a problem.

I wonder what kind of mixed messages we send our children from such a young age. They are expected to conform to a set of guidelines that take no account of their parentage or a number of other factors. People who know my family in real life wouldn't be terribly surprised that my children tend to be tall and fairly lean... so why is it a problem if this trend is seen in them as early as babyhood? Conversely families we know with shorter and/or rounder parents tend to have shorter and/or rounder babies. Why on earth should we be fighting the basic genetic makeup of our kids?

And the thing that bothers me most, why is it 'preferable' for our children to be tending towards the long/lean body type just because of what our society currently deems acceptable in terms of appearance? I've been reading a bit lately about health at any size and fat acceptance movements and am likely to blog about them more in the coming weeks, but it makes me so sad that these movements are even necessary. Why can't we from birth tell our kids that they are perfect as they are? Because you know what, they really are!

Obviously I'm not talking about situations where there are genuine causes for concern in terms of health, but for the majority. My friends come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Should I be surprised that their children do as well?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girl Talk

Such a trite title, especially given I feel it's just as important for my sons to understand the workings of the female body as it is my daughters.

I have a nearly 6yo daughter. Whilst her menarche is I hope a long way away yet, I've been thinking about how I felt about all the changes taking place in puberty and how/when to talk to my kids about it.

It's a little funny given that the older two were present for the birth of our baby! They can tell you all about how a baby is born but don't yet really know about how it is possible.

I remember feeling really embarassed talking about periods in my family growing up, and was mortified when mine arrived at age 13. I don't know why I felt that way, there was no secrecy about any of it, but I just found the whole thing a bit confusing and upsetting and terribly terribly private. In fact it's only since having children myself that I feel completely open to discussing menstruation.

I really want my children to see it as nothing more than another bodily process. Like giving birth. Like eating and drinking. We have no issues with nudity in our house, our bodies are what they are we have no reason to be ashamed of them.

So what I'd like to know is how did/would/will you address this with your children? What information is age appropriate for different stages of childhood? How did you feel about learning about and experiencing the onset of puberty?

Monday, March 7, 2011

A babe is born.

Our babygirl is 4 months old today! I have no idea how that has happened, last year was so. very. long. and yet now she's here time has sped up tenfold and if I blink I miss everything!

Anyway it seems fitting to finally share our birth story. I've put it on a separate private blog, simply because I've included some relatively graphic photos and I don't want such an important and precious part of our life being spammed or used innapropriately. Hey this IS the internet.

So if you're not jiggy with homebirth, if the use of anatomically correct terms is upsetting to you, if the idea of seeing a placenta makes you feel a bit icky, the short version is I had a three hour excruciating labour, a baby was born and we all lived happily ever after.

If you would like to read a more detailed account please leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you an invitation.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Easy Peasy Cheesy Muffins

This is truly the easiest recipe and it's a great one for quick snacks or a yummo brunch.

You need:

1 tin of creamed corn
Grated cheese
Self raising flour

That's it! Although I sometimes like to add some chopped bacon, a splash of sweet chilli sauce or some chunks of feta cheese when I'm making them for the grown ups. You could get very creative if it took your fancy.

So. Empty the tin of creamed corn into a mixing bowl. Fill the tin with grated cheese and dump that in. Then fill it again with the flour and dump that in too. Mix it all together, plop it into a muffin pan (I use these mini-cupcake ones, I give the kids a couple in their school lunches and they're a good size for toddler boy).
Place in preheated 180 degree (C) oven for half an hour or so. If making little ones check frequently from about 20 mins. They will be golden on top and a skewer will come out clean when they're done.

Eat them up.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I Know

Let me tell you some things I know with the Yay for Home linkup.

- When you have a baby that only poos once a fortnight or so, you get a good 24-48 hours warning that it's coming. And you are still. not. prepared.

- The hour prior to the big event is full of grouchiness. In our little bear's case it's about the only time she is EVER grouchy. And you are still. not. prepared.

- When this is all going down in the middle of the night, you guessed it. Not. prepared.

- When you finally figure out what a word your toddler has been using for weeks actually means it is literally like a lightbulb above your head. Ship/shipping = sleep/sleeping!! Of course!!!

- Some weeks there doesn't seem much point in even going to bed at all. Thankfully years have taught me this too will pass.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Budget me baby!

Okay so for all my household systems, the area I'm falling down in right now is budgeting.

I have in the past had quite good budgeting skillz, but having just been hit with nearly $7000 in bills for cars and motorbikes I really need to get back into savings mode.

I find it easier to stick to a budget when I have something to be saving for. When we were married nearly 10 years ago, we said we would return to our honeymoon destination of Fiji for our tenth anniversary. That was when we were planning on two kids LOL. Seeing as we have a small baby and a not so small mortgage, it isn't going to happen this year. But I would LOVE to be able to go with my family July next year to celebrate the hubster's 40th birthday.

So that's my goal, now how to achieve it? Whilst I assume we will in fact win 1st division Tattslotto at some stage (because I am a winner) I can't say for sure when that will happen. In fact it really is surprising to me that it hasn't as yet! So a concrete plan will serve us well.

It can be a bit tricky with an income that varies week to week. Our big expenses are the mortgage which I put money into weekly, utilities and the like which I try to pay extra into fortnightly or so, and feeding the family. My grocery expenses have dropped since I've been baking more and planning better but I know I can improve even more if I start menu planning properly again.

So. Tell me about your budget. Do you use software? Just wing it? What are your main priorities and what are you saving for?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Date with my Daughters

A couple of years and a whole other blog ago, my big boy and I had a special date day before he started school for the very first time.

Now here we are two years on with two big school kids! With a new baby this time as well it was all a bit hectic at the start of February, so today I took my big school girl (and the baby) out for lunch to celebrate her last school day off; she starts full weeks next week!

 At her request, we went to 'the chicken shop' (ie Nando's) as she has lovely memories of eating there with her beloved Aunty Kym and Uncle Josh. We were the only ones there and we spent a lot of time talking about whether we are Spanish or English, and why we speak English if we are Australian, and how Dora talks 'two ways' and why don't we?

 And the baby girl slept and slept as we gobbled up our meals.

 Mmmmm yummy! And I will add that Em actually had the cool sauce rather than mild, but wanted my flag because it was prettier. And then used both instead of a fork and taught me how to stack some chicken and a chip to eat them together.

And just as we were about ready to go, babygirl woke and decided it was time for her lunch too.

We had a really lovely time. I'm so proud of my big girl. She is confident, friendly, tough, determined and amazing. I'm so lucky that the years ahead will be filled with special times with her as she grow up, and I look forward to one day being able to enjoy a meal out with my adult daughters as my sisters and I do with our Mum. Blessed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a Winner!

Not just in the I'm so awesome way either!

I'm one of those people who win things. When I was in my teens I went through quite a long winning streak. Spectacular stuff like a New Kids On The Block cassingle, and a C&C Music Factory record (don't even go there).

Not long after we were married we won 3rd division of Tattslotto which was around $2000. Except that the hubster and I had both bought tickets with our numbers unbeknownst to each other, so we won it twice! That was a very generous Christmas.

Anyway I don't freak out over music or bands any more, and I don't tend to enter things very often. So I was so excited when I won my flash mop from the Picklebums blog not long ago, and tonight I found out I've won a double disk collector set of Fantasia from Kebeni!!

So there's two things, surely this must mean I'm in with a spectacular chance in the Australian Breastfeeding Association Raffle right? I'd truly love a $15000 spending spree, but won't be terribly upset if I only win one of the lower order prizes... an iPad wouldn't upset me at all.

Looking forward to our next win!!