Friday, April 13, 2012

Fitness Friday: Pushing Through

I have been working my body hard. Harder than it has been pushed (aside from childbirth obviously) since before I had children.

Some days I wake up and cannot wait to get moving. Many days I have a long internal argument with myself until I just do it. Every day I feel great for having achieved something.

I've been running a shorter and a longer day and adding some weight bearing exercise on the shorter one, but now the I am actually running more of the 5k day (4.5ks actually, and aiming to try 5k straight next week!) I'm slowing to a powerwalk on the 3k days to let my body catch up with itself a bit.

I have days where I feel invigorated and fabulous, and I have days where I am absolutely exhausted. Two wakeful small people overnight of late have left me really struggling some days and my muscles are fatigued as well.

As I mentioned last week, I've been given the chance to trial some new products from Blackmores. Protein powders in fact.

Admittedly when you say protein powder to me my mind goes to muscle bound neckless men. An unfair stereotype I'm sure, but I bet I'm not the only one. But having read a bit more about the need for protein to support muscle development I was quite keen to give these a go.

I have fallen off the breakfast wagon of late, partly because I run in the morning and often whatever I've eaten just kind of sits in my gut and makes me feel a bit blech, and partly because I am lazy. Anyway my plan is to have a Pro-Power shake in the morning before I run and see if that feels better in my tummy, then chase it up with the Pro Definition afterwards. Please do note these aren't meal replacement shakes or anything like that... but for me I figure it is better than nothing at all!

I'll report back next Fitness Friday and let you know what I think!

In the meantime I have two great packs from Blackmores to give away valued at $120 each. Each pack includes a sports bag, workout towel, the two protein products and a shaker in which to make your shakes. Nifty yes?

One pack will be going to someone who joins in our blog hop as I mentioned last week. To qualify you need to have linked up last week, this week and next week. That's it. Easy right?

The second pack is for one of you lovely ones reading right now (and yes blog hoppers are welcome to enter for this one too!).

To enter please use the form below and leave a comment telling me your BEST fitness tip.

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