Sunday, April 15, 2012

Someone stole my pen. Also, stationery is my favourite. PS Want to win $100 worth of it??!!

Sometimes I receive really awesome things in the mail. Mostly just bills actually. But the occasional thing of awesome makes its way to me.

A couple of weeks ago a thing of awesome arrived.

I opened a package to find this book.

My first thought was 'Oh help, my big boy has cracked my eBay password and is buying random stuff online!'. Because my big boy likes science. Although if he was going to risk getting in that much trouble I suspect he'd buy another penny board before a science book.

But I digress.

I opened the book in a state of confusion and found this:

Oh look! It is me and the supertrucker! And a safe filled with my favourite colored pens!

I have a little thing for pens and stationary. I love them, even though I tend to use my techie gadgets for most things written these days. There is something lovely about putting pen to paper and watching the words flow. And I will say these Paper Mate Ink Joy 100 fellows are very smooth to write with.

My big boy keeps trying to nick off with them too, he likes the triangular shape that is easy to hold onto and the bright colours. Luckily they are $4.95 for a ten pack, so he now has his own too. Doesn't stop mine disappearing though!

Anyway I wrote to the sender of said package exclaiming my delight. And delighted I was! I asked if they might like to send a package to one of you as well and they said yes. So how ace is that? You too can have a favourite pen and hide it from your family!

I have two Papermate stationery packs valued at $100 each to give away!

To enter simply leave a comment telling me what gets stolen all the time at your place. Entry is open to Australian residents and the competition will close on Sunday 29th April at 5pm.

For a second entry you can Tweet about this post and come back to tell me about it, and if you're very keen (because let's face it, stationery is AWESOME) please check out the Paper Mate Facebook Page, give them a thumbs up then come and let me know you have done that too for a third entry.

Good luck!!