Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Day My Face Exploded

A month or so back I shared that I've not been doing so great lately.

Sure I've been getting a bit more sunshine, and loads of exercise. Let's be honest I've been running like my life depends on it, and some days it feels like it does. I've popped all the good supplements and done all the 'right' things to help get my head right again.

But there comes a time when you realise that crying for 45 minutes because you run out of the right coloured pegs to match with the clothes that you are hanging on the line is not indicative of great mental health. I could procrastinate no longer, and made an appointment that made me feel like I was having a heart attack just thinking about it.

Still. The day came. Our lovely country doctor listened to me, he asked questions, he told me I was doing all the 'right' things and sometimes the 'right' things just are not enough. He prescribed me antidepressants that also target anxiety and OCD behaviours and I was sad, happy, relieved and hopeful. I knew the meds would take a fortnight or so to have any noticeable affect, but I was happy to have a plan.

Then, a few days after I started taking them, my face blew up.

Actually it started with a rash down the side of my face and my neck. Colourless lumps under the skin that itched like buggery. Over the course of an afternoon the rash spread from my scalp to my waist and in my life I have never been so itchy. I was convinced I had brushed up against a weird plant or something and that it would go away by morning. It didn't. Overnight my face felt so hot and tight and I had trouble sleeping.

The next morning I looked like this:

Just call me Puff Mummy. Who knew even noses and eyelids could swell?

I Dr Googled. I wept. My little two freaked out and were very upset. My big boy thought it was hilarious. My big girl didn't look at me at all.

The Supertrucker took the day off to get me to the doctor as I could not see properly. The GP saw me straight away, identified it as a rare reaction to the new medication and prescribed me steroids to help with the swelling.

It's been a few days now, and I'm starting to see myself in my face again. My big girl has been incredibly distressed, crying because I don't look like her Mum. I don't care much for it either, and am so shocked having not had a known allergy (aside from avocado which is more an intolerance) in my entire life. Oh look. I am the 1%.

The first ever completely non surgical eyelift in 24 hours!
No wrinkles! Sadly, no other features either.
Thanks to my gorgeous friend Glowless for pointing out the upside ;p 

Here's a bizarre fact. If you go for a run while your face is double its normal size, you can feel your whole face dragging up and down with every step. It is weird. And not really nice!

So anyway, after screwing up my courage and making that first appointment I am heading back next week by which time I'll hopefully look and feel a bit more like myself and we can try and find an alternative that doesn't turn me into the Michelin Man. I am even more nervous because a week of scratching my face off hasn't done a whole lot for my confidence... but I live in hope.

Do you have allergies? I have a whole new appreciation for families that live with them now!