Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homebirth should be illegal.

Something tragic happened during a homebirth in Melbourne very recently. It took a week or so for the trash tabloids media to get hold of it, but they have now and all I can think is how much it hurts my heart that a bereaved husband will be exposed to such nastiness during such a terrible time.

It's bad enough that the media vultures have leapt on the event as 'proof' that homebirth is a dreadful thing, but I made the mistake of reading the comments on an online article (which I am not inclined to link to, sorry) and was blown away by the judgement there. Hence the title of this post... that was the gist of a number of the comments and it made me want to stab my laptop.

I GET that some women have very frightening experiences during birth and require medical attention. Those women should probably not homebirth, nor I suspect would they want to in most cases.

I GET that many women love their care providers and feel they have had the best care available in the hospital system. This is excellent!

I also GET that some women experience trauma in the hospital birthing suite so severe that the idea of returning is horrific to them. If they are able why should homebirth not be an option for them?

On top of that I GET that some women choose homebirth for reasons that have nothing to do with any of the above, as I did.

I will happily declare my bias. Our babygirl was born at home with the support of my husband and two midwives through a hospital run system. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful for it.

If I were to say epidurals should be outlawed because of the possible impact on the neonate... If I were to say elective ceasareans should be outlawed because they cost the taxpayer too much in the public system... If I were to pass that kind of judgement on any woman I would be cut right down to size and rightly so. So WHO gives women the right to judge the homebirther?

If you don't like the idea, don't have one.

If you believe specialist medical attention throughout labour and birth is necessary, don't have one.

But for goodness sake cut the crap and respect that women have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. So many bleat on about feminism and women's rights and in the next breath pass judgement on how a woman dresses, presents herself or even chooses to birth.


Tragedies happen. And guess what, they happen in hospitals too. But that doesn't make for sensational sound bites I guess.

And before anyone launches in with a 'oh I would have DIED if I wasn't in the hospital!' know this: I am sorry that your experience was traumatic but it was just that... YOUR experience. Of all the homebirthers I know none of them made the choice lightly or without a lot of knowledge of their own bodies and the birthing process. Your experience is not mine nor is mine yours.

Make decisions that are right for you, and respect that others will choose differently. If you are feeling particularly brave you might even like to try supporting people in their choices even though they differ to yours.

My heart is broken for two little girls who will grow up without their mother. I have wept for a man who has lost his partner during what should have been a time of such happiness. But I do not think for one moment that blaming ANYONE in this situation is appropriate, nor does it change anything. As would be the case had the birth occurred anywhere else.

Have a heart.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

With all the real estate stuff taking up valuable space in my brain of late I've not updated about my little mate for a bit.

The school holidays have been a blessing and a curse for him. He adores his siblings but needs space from them as well, so has spent a fair bit of time locked away in the big boy's room by himself just stimming.

His biggest stimmy thing at the moment is extremely cute though... He's become obsessed with guitars and has a toy one, but even when he's not holding it he does the flappy hand actions in approximately the right positions and shakes his head and jumps. It makes him so happy!

The big news is that he has had a huge leap verbally of late! We've not been to speech over the hols and I've cancelled it until we move as I think the changes and stresses of the next few months will be more than enough for both of us to deal with.

But we have sentences!

First thing each day he walks around saying 'Goot Mording (insert name here)'. It is very formal and sweet. If he doesn't get the correct response he repeats until he does.

He was stung by a bee last week on his neck which has exacerbated his fear of flying things, but he's verbalising that too now: 'I heard a fly!'.

I'm understanding more than I'm not at the moment, and it is wonderful! He's also demonstrated some turn taking and interactive play skills very recently and it just fills my heart to bursting.

Oh and the awesome one... My sister bought him an abacus for Christmas with all the letters and numbers to ten on it. Today when I pointed at random letters he named every single one correctly. I've never sat and 'taught' him anything like that. My big kids couldn't do that at this age! His letter and number obsession is a little Rain Man-esque and may be a quirk rather than indicative of anything else, but gosh I am feeling very proud and hopeful right now!

The downside of all these leaps is that his sleep has deteriorated from bad to horrific, but I have a good coffee machine and will wear the eternal bags under my eyes with pride because he is making such great strides!

So so proud of my boy <3

End of Days...

So there's no more denying it, Summer hols are winding down and next week is all about preparing for the return to school for our big kids.

To be honest with all the stuff going on getting our house ready for marketing I've not had a very restful last few weeks anyway, but my early birds have totally embraced the long Summer evenings and even taken to the odd sleep in... It's going to be fun breaking out of that habit again!

It's tricky with the big boy particularly as he is so keen to move and does not really want to go back to his school knowing he may only be there a term. Hard on the big girl too although she is far more flexible in attitude generally. But go they must!

My tasks for the week include baking and stocking the freezer with lunchbox snacks, I'm continuing last years no prepackaged snacks plan, and the great joy of school shoe shopping.

I will admit I am not one of those Mums that contact school books... slack I know but I've not done it the past two years and the books have been no worse off than the year I did (first child in Prep year, I was so gung ho!).

My kids start on Friday (I do not know why either so don't ask, I think it is daft too!) so Thursday I'll be making a week and a day's worth of sandwiches for the freezer. I freeze them individually in our (many) sandwich boxes so I can whip them out and repack lunchbags quickly of an afternoon. We were sent a Nude Food Movers mini lunchbox, banana mover and muffin mover to try out so I'm looking forward to no more squishy bananas or fruit in the bags at the end of the day... too bad they can't guarantee it will actually get eaten!

So how do you prepare for the return to school? What tasks do you have left to do this week? And are your kids going back on an idiotic day of the week too?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Kill Me Now

Whoever said keeping a smallish house on a biggish block immaculate with four small people and two big ones is easy was lying. Actually I'm pretty sure no one has ever said that. Ever.

I have been slogging my guts out working pretty hard to get or house to a level of cleanliness and prettiness that I find acceptable. Admittedly I am a systems junkie and a bit of a neat freak so maybe I'm being a bit OTT about it all but I just know what I'd like to see in a house being presented to me. I asked people on my Facebook page as well and overwhelmingly for women it seems to be the kitchen, bathrooms and storage that clinches it. I'm the same and I love my kitchen... Truly it is the heart of our house and I want it looking its very best and brightest.

So now we enter that phase where you could get a call any day at any time with people wanting to check out your place. Really we want heaps and heaps of people to do that! But it's a stressful feeling too and I can't wait until we get an offer that makes us happy and this bit is done.

Anyway I'm feeling very thankful that I've been able to get or house up to my version of sales standard so quickly.

I'm thankful that overall the kids are coping okay with everything so far.

I'm thankful that the supertrucker's long weekend is coming up and we can get the outside looking shmicko.

I'm thankful that the property will be photographed and listed online next week because I just know someone is going to fall in love with it like we did.

It's Thursday. I'm exhausted but thankful.

PS If you hadn't caught up with this yet, the wonderful Renee from About a Bugg interviewed me about our experiences with autism. Pop over and have a read :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sliding Doors

Source. Also I would like to go on this train I think. Metro Parisienne? Yes please!
Remember that movie? With the sexy accented bloke and Gwyneth sporting an awesome haircut that I may or may not have attempted imitation of many times in the years since...

I have a sliding door. Surprisingly not the 3 year relationship prior to meeting the Supertrucker, but the year long romance before that.

It's that one which could have ended very differently but for a series of events. The one that I occasionally think about in terms of where I would be now had it not ended. You know the one.

I suspect I wouldn't have four children. It would be unlikely that I'd be living where I am, I think I'd be closer to the city than here. I definitely wouldn't be moving to the country to eat a lot of peaches.

So funny to think how the entire world would be different. I would not change a thing, but every now and then I just wonder.

Do you have a sliding door? What would be different for you?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Three ways to appear respectful while having a go at someone.

For the lover of passive aggression. These examples may of course be occasionally used unintentionally. But let's face it, mostly not.

1. I respect your opinion, but...

Dude as soon as you hit me with that 'but' you are not respecting my opinion. You are saying 'I heard what you said and you think it is right but you are WRONG and here's my opinion to prove it.'

By all means have differing opinions and share them freely, how boring would life be of we all agreed on everything always? But for goodness sake be honest about it.

I have opinions on heaps of things. Very strong opinions that you may be in complete opposition to. And that is excellent! But don't piss in my pocket then try to change my firmly held convictions. I'll respect you by saying 'I hear your opinion, it differs to mine and thats fine.' Feel free to do the same.

2. 'It's not up to me to judge, that is in the hands of God.'

I'll look forward to that conversation. In the meantime wanna stop doing His job then? Thanks.

I consider myself a Christian but the fundamentalist holier than thou makes me want to stab things. I'm human and fallible. So are you.

3. I don't want to cause trouble, I just really want to understand why (xyz)'

If you already know a statement is going to cause trouble then be prepared for trouble to be caused. Seriously.

If you make passive aggressive statements about highly emotive topics under the guise of 'but I just really want to understand' you are going to piss people off. Even if it came out wrong. Even if that's not what you meant. Own it or apologize.

I don't want to upset anyone but I really just want to understand how people can kill baby sheep and eat them when they are so cute and have souls and it's murder and you are a murderer.

Feeling upset? Possibly not if you are a vegan or vegetarian, but omnivores may be rightfully feeling pretty annoyed.

But I didn't mean it, I just really want to understand! Therefore you are not entitled to that annoyance because it was a perfectly innocent question! Right?

Debate is healthy. Argument is invigorating. Name calling and threats because someone feels differently to you is juvenile and says more about you than your argument.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: A life less ordinary.

When the Supertrucker and I were first together we briefly looked at renting a unit in the inner suburbs. We had loads of friends doing so. We were young and carefree and had a social life and it seemed like an awesome thing to do.

In the end I moved to his hometown for a few years then we headed to the outer 'burbs where we could afford to get into the property market.

We built our first home. It was such an excellent adventure and that home served us well for 6 years (with a years stint in Queensland somewhere around the middle of that time) until we outgrew it and our next door neighbours turned out to be the psycho feral bogan domestically violent bizarro world nasty pasties that you see on trash tabloid TV.

We had three children and bought a lovely 4 bedroom up the other end of town, very close to where my parents live. I was so happy to be back among the gum trees and the kids' school was literally 300 metres away.

Our back deck has beautiful views out over a reserve, it is all treetops rather than houses and we've said for a while now that if we were ever to move from here it would have to be to acreage because we just really like the feeling of space and room to move. Our nasty experiences with the feral bogans old neighbours left us feeling we'd not like to live in such close quarters with other people again because you really just do not know what you are going to get.

When we moved here two and a half years ago we said we would not be moving again for a very long time. Then we had our babygirl. And our little house on the biggish block suddenly got just that little bit smaller. Fine for now, fine for a few more years even and there is nothing wrong with sharing bedrooms in my opinion.

But then we've tiptoed around the idea of moving out further, out onto acreage for a while now. Both of us carefully trying to figure out how the other was feeling about it. In the meantime I did some investigating.

In the area we are looking our little mate will have faster access to the services he needs even taking into account the time it takes to sell/buy/settle. There are no waiting lists on the private services we need and the public service waiting list is one fifth of what it is here.

The local country school has 200 students, a third of the size of the school my biggles now attend. There are two teachers there with expertise working with children on the autism spectrum which is two more than at our current school. Both my big kids have friends there already as my BFF lives in the area and we've met lots of lovely people through her over the past few years.

Oh yeah, my BFF lives there. My BFF who I went to school with every day and then saw once a week at least when we were studying and who saw me through my ugly late teens and early twenties. My BFF who is godmother to our children and who, since she moved away to study years ago, we get to see every few months. Yep. She lives there. My other sister.

So if you've made it through all of that you're wondering what I'm thankful for right?

Here it is. I'm thankful to be willing to take a risk. To tackle a massive undertaking, a huge change to our lives in the belief that it will be of great benefit to my family in the long term. To be braving leaving the comfort of my hometown because I think my sons in particular will grow and thrive in a way they might not where we are. To be taking a chance because we are lucky enough to be in a position to.

It's Thursday. I'm excited, nervous, insanely busy as I prepare our house to hit the market in a week or so, and incredibly thankful to be living this amazing life.

Brace yourselves, our boring 2012 just flipped on its head and I'll be sharing the journey.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random statistics of my body.

Weeks pregnant = 158

Weeks pregnant & breastfeeding = 119

Total weeks breastfeeding (tandems counted separately rather than simultaneously) = 674

Births in private hospital = 1

Births in public hospital = 2

Births at home = 1

Unintervened births = 3

Kilograms gained and lost since December 2002 = 109

Medals received in honour of above = 0 (but I have some wicked stretchmarks to remind me).

Mostly I {heart} my body, but I know I need to treat it better and work it harder too.

I do know I am blessed and very lucky in what my body has achieved in  my life.

Tell me some random statistics of your body?

Monday, January 16, 2012

12WBT - Bring it!

So I asked a while ago whether the 12WBT might work for me. I got some very mixed responses but have decided I have nothing to lose but my couch potato ways and I am raring to go!

The actual program starts in a month but Pre-Season kicks off today with tasks to get us all in the right headspace for the program. I've introduced myself on the forum but to be honest with a million other people having done the same today my post disappeared into the back pages in seconds. Which is all good and speaks to the popularity of the program but I'd really love to connect with other people doing it as well.

Anyway if you are doing the 12WBT and would like to use the comments here to chat about it in addition to the forums I would love that! I love getting to know my readers, I know a number of my fellow bloggers are gearing up to take part and I'm looking forward to chatting with people on Twitter and Facebook as well.

So if you're reading along and taking part in the 12WBT leave a comment and say hi! I'm planning a weekly update post and would love to keep up with you! If you're a blogger I'd love to know if you think a weekly link up here would be worthwhile as well so we can all read and support each other? I'm excited!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Shout Out

Time for some relaxing Sunday reading!

Kimba Likes is a collection of beautiful things, along with some tales of family and friends to mix it up a little. I'm loving checking out her January Photo-a-day pics playing along with Fat Mum Slim. I adore her taste in a lot of things and her images are gorgeous. Checkit.

Getting Sorted is totally floating my Systems Junkie boat. Plans, lists, ideas and all sorts of good stuff for getting on top of the day to day. This is a new blog to me but I can tell it will become a favourite this year!

Another new to me blog, My Dear Angel is blogging in its purest form as far as I'm concerned. Kate's posts read like stories, they are not reliant on images to paint a picture. Do yourself a favour and read through the back posts. One to follow.

I love Clairey :) I've had the pleasure of spending time with her IRL as well as URL and she is as delightful as her blog. I enjoy her take on lots of things and I like the way she spins a tale. This is one of the blogs that I make sure to check into regularly through the week... go have a read and find out why.

Ever wanted to know what goes through the mind of a mental health professional? Confessions of a Psychologist is always an interesting read. 'Anna' posts incognito on a number of topics that are always thought provoking and promise to become more so as she heads into the new year... you'll have to read her yourself to find out why ;)

Happy reading!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The top 10 ways to tell you've not been getting enough sleep.

1. Two of your three meals for the day are coffee. Along with morning and afternoon tea.

2. You leave the house with your top on inside out. Despite looking in a number of mirrors since dressing you don't realize until someone else points it out to you.

3. You've called your children the wrong names so many times that you're not even sure what the right ones are any more.

5. You feel hungover every morning without having had anything to drink.

6. If you do have a drink you're off your head two sips in.

7. I'd love a drink actually.

7. You're having trouble following the plot of whatever is on TV. Yo Gabba Gabba makes your head spin a full 360 degrees.

8. And what's with that Night Garden?!

9. Counting is a skill long forgotten, and writing is jugethshktfvethdhjr

10. Sorry what was your name again? Double shot latte with two please.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: unloved

I think I have the post Christmas blues. You know the one where after all the fun and excitement of December, January is a bit flat? Yep, that one.

I think this because I've been feeling unloved and unlovable of late. I've pretty much holed up in the house in my pyjamas a lot and felt sorry for myself because nobody likes me and I have no life and why would anyone want to spend time with us when it's all such a balancing act with my boys and I'm like the least fun and interesting person ever and I'm not good at anything and and and...

The black dog has been casting his shadow over our place lately too, and being a typical extrovert I absorb that energy and find it very hard to shake off.

Happiest Thankful Thursday ever right?

Here's the thing. I KNOW a lot of how I'm feeling is taking on the emotion of others. I know I'm not really unloved or unlovable and that these feelings, as horrible as they are, are not 'real'. I know I will be fine very soon.

In a world where so many people are not able to see past the immediacy of their depression I am counting my blessings that I've never reached that depth myself. That at my lowest ebb I am still able to see a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. I know how lucky I am. I live with someone who can't always see that light and it breaks my heart.

It's Thursday, and I'm thankful that this too shall pass.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you send me to New York for Blogher12 I will make you a Muppet. Srsly.

My sister and brother-in-law are on their (long overdue) honeymoon. They spent a while in New York, a short time in Paris and are currently in Rome with Tokyo still to come.

I've been loving following their adventures and their photos have inspired in me a desire to travel that I've never really had before. I was married at 24 and we had the big boy when I was 26 so I never really did the whole see the world thing (although the Supertrucker did when he was younger.)

This photo was taken at FAO Schwarz in New York. You know, the mega toyshop that features in the movie Big (which I saw when I was about 12 so lots of you may not even know it as I think about it.)

Anyway I have a great big massive love of The Muppets. Have had since childhood. My kids have been watching The Great Muppet Caper over and over lately and I will freely admit I still know every word. Love it.

So when I saw this photo I had a moment of sheer oh-I-must-do-that! Blogher 12 is in New York this year conveniently. Inconveniently I'd need a wonderful company willing to sponsor myself, my small two (because leaving the small boy half a world away is unthinkable with his particular challenges and the baby is a baby even if she is one), and a carer ie my Mum to get us there.

But just in case I'm putting it out to the universe that I'd really like to go. I'd happily bang on about promote aforementioned company forever and a day. And I would totally make you a Muppet! Srsly.

I'm linking up with Jess over at Diary of a SAHM for IBOT today, go check out some great posts!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Shout Out

And we're back!

Hopefully you're all enjoying lots of lovely reading time over the Summer holidays (if you're in Australia that is). Here are some more great blogs to add to your reader!

The Diary of Joni & Anya  is a gorgeously uplifting blog chronicling the life and times of Joni and her lovely  daughter Anya who has spina bifida. Joni shares stories from their everyday lives as well as running some great reviews and giveaways.

MahliMoo, Me and Three is written by the beautiful Amy. She is Mummy to three children under the age of four and writes about life with her family as well as sharing beautiful photos (I have a jealous over her new DSLR ;)).

Tork is one of those fairly rare creatures around the interwebs... a Daddy blogger. I've been following his blog since not long before his son was born, and shared his sadness and worry as things proved to be not-quite-right with his precious new babe. His attitude is amazing and it has been so heartwarming reading of the gains his baby has made over the months. He also shares the odd piece of bloggy/social media advice and it is always worth following in my experience.

Elise over at Mummy {hearts} Money is full of savings tips and cost comparisons to help make your savings life a little easier. This is a new blog to me but I've loved reading back over some of her older posts and it has really helped refocus me on budgeting for our family. Well worth a read!

Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids is not just a blogger, but a child behaviour expert as well. She blogs in addition to providing services to families needing extra support in the Melbourne area and I find her blog a great place to search when we are having a particular issue with our own kids. She is also one of the most generous, caring and beautiful women you could ever care to meet. Truly inspirational.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


The thing about the Internet is that what you see isn't always what you get. What I share here or on Twitter or Facebook isn't all of me. Maybe isn't even half of me. Which doesn't make it untrue, maybe it just makes me cautious. But does it make me inauthentic?

I decided early on not to use my children's names here, nor that of my husband. I'll happily share photos but their names are for people who know us in our 'real' lives.

There are aspects of my life that I won't ever share here because they are not entirely mine to share. Also because I believe in the power of the positive and if I fill this space with the negative aspects of our lives I give those feelings more power over me. Of course I rant now and again, I get angry and shoot off at the mouth. But generally I am fairly considered about how I project myself here. Think of it as putting on my makeup. I do that when I go out, I put my best face forward. That's what I do here as well.

I started this blog nearly a year ago with the specific intention of using it as a marketing tool, I've not made any pretense about that. I love so many aspects of marketing and PR. I love the opportunities and products I've been able to try because of this blog.

My life has changed so dramatically since that first post... Our visions of the next few years have been thrown aside as we take on the challenges of helping our little mate deal with the world as best we can. My focus has shifted a lot by necessity, which makes me appreciate the PR opportunities that present themselves and suit our family all the more. When a lot of your time is taken up with phone calls and appointments and meltdowns the odd parcel in the mail is a lovely thing indeed, and events that truly engage my children make a wonderful change from our day to day life.

I've noticed that my posts that talk about negative or angry aspects of my life invariably get the most views. I know other people have commented on the same thing happening on their blogs too. I'm sure it is because in the main people want to show their support to others in times of need. I hope so anyway.

But here's the thing. In my naivete I hadn't thought about the fact that some bloggers will manufacture situations in order to create buzz. The amazing Eden shared this post over at Schmutzie last night via Twitter and it blew my little mind. I may be many things, but dishonest I am not. I may keep parts of my life private but I will not create drama for the sake of pageviews. Honestly I'd prefer to walk away from blogging altogether than be such a slave to statistics.

I have a lot of ideas about what I want to do here this year. I want to explore and share the ins and outs of the system and how it cares for (and fails) families living with autism. I want to create a resource for families coping with a new diagnosis because goodness only knows if it weren't for other bloggers and tweeps I'd still be walking around in circles scratching my head and wondering what the hell I am meant to do next.

I want to share more recipes. I want to connect with more systems junkies. I want to see Thankful Thursday keep growing because some weeks making myself find some gratitude is truly my saving grace.

But above all I want to be myself. I spent a lot of time last year stressing about some arbitrary schedule I had set in my head that required me to post nearly every day. That isn't going to happen this year.

I may well post daily for periods of time, but I may not. I'm not going to push myself to write for the sake of writing, so if that means some weeks all you see here is a Thankful Thursday then so be it. I need to be accountable to my family and to myself. I am going to blog as I am driven to, not to meet any agenda.

I am who I am. Take it or leave it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday for 2012!

I'm not one for resolutions any more. Too much room to beat myself up when they don't work out. Instead I have some great intentions and because I'm a firm believer that what you put out into universe you get back threefold I'm going to share some of the awesome things that will happen this year for us. You might call it the Law of Attraction or The Secret if you got caught up in that craze a few years ago. I call it a lifestyle choice. I'm looking forward to the universe proving me right again this year.


Dear 2012,

I'm so thankful that this year:

I will take on the 12WBT challenge and it will reset my headspace to a healthier time. I will feel fit and strong. I will sleep better and feel brighter during the day.

I'm so excited that I will quit smoking for good this year. Watch this space and be ready to hold me accountable.

I am grateful to be in a comfortable position financially and that all our needs and some of our wants are met with ease.

My children are going to have such a happy and healthy year.

My son is going to progress in leaps and bounds with his speech and I can't wait to hear it.

My big kids are going to have a great year at school.

My babygirl is going to be just as feisty and cute and loving and lovable as ever.

I am taking responsibility for my own mental health and my little two will adjust to daycare once a week. We will get places in a centre that will support them and me, and they will be well cared for. I will use the time to work, but also to reconnect with myself. I am worth it.

2012 is going to rock my socks. How about yours?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nothing to see here peeps. Well kind of nothing. Maybe a little something.

I'm sucking the marrow out of the last days of the Supertrucker's holidays. He's back to work tonight and I'll be back to posting a bit more regularly but in the meantime here are a few from the archives if you're feeling like a read.

If you're new to my blog, Hi! And you might like to check out this post about the day my little boy was diagnosed with autism. It has shaped the direction of both this blog and my life.

Or maybe you're in the mood for a ranty read? Check out my letter to all the Mummies.

Feeling voyeuristic and want to see the faces behind the blog? This post is about one of my favourite days for all 2011.

Or if it has cooled down a little where you are (as it has here for today at least) and you're in the mood for some sweet gooey goodness you MUST try my most popular recipe of all time, the best evah brownies. Dare you to not like them. Seriously.

Catch you on the flipside!