Saturday, January 26, 2013

Act your age, not your shoe size.

Big sunnies and filters. The old duck's secret weapon. 
Earlier in the week I enjoyed a bit of a girls' morning with my bestie and my big girl (plus my BFF's 6 week old baby boy, who does not count as a boy yet).

While we were at the hairdressers there was a bit of singing as one of the staff was celebrating her birthday. She was manning the basin next to the one which was surrounding my head, and her client asked how old she was turning. Twenty-three apparently.

Ah. I remember 23. Vaguely.

Anyway later on over lunch my friend and I commented that we'd both picked her as being much older than that, probably around 30.

This then led to a discussion about how shocked we are when we hear of other people being the same age as us, because they look SO MUCH OLDER! And at 36 we are the springiest of spring chickens, surely?

I've since wondered though, if we both are thinking that... does that mean that in fact everyone thinks that and therefore any number of people upon hearing that I am 36 are thinking OMG she looks so much older than me?!

I know I look older than I did at 23. Duh. And maybe I do look exactly what 36 looks like. It is entirely possible. But I still reckon I don't look as old as the other 36 year olds. Probably because the past 12 years or so have totally snuck up on me and I cannot figure out how I am actually 36 anyway when I feel about 24. Maybe 28 at a push.

There is no way I act like a 36 year old is meant to act. I'm pretty damned certain of that. The jumping up and riding trolleys down supermarket aisles that so embarrasses my kids is testament to that, although of course I am capable of pretending to be a grownup when it comes to going in to bat for one of my kids.

So are you a grownup? Do you think you look your age? Do you act it??