Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am grateful for...

* My washing machine! Gastro struck our house last night. It was short lived but violent and no one escaped unscathed. I did 4 loads in my 8.5kg machine today and have one left to go. Thankyou modern technology. Thankyou.

* Sunny days - none of us saw much of it due to aforementioned gastro but all the linen and towels are clean, dry and put away again.

* My husband has hoarderesque tendencies. Often it is the bain marie of my life as the anti-hoarder, but tidy I am grateful that he insisted we keep the 8 million old towels I wanted to get rid of because I have used 7 999 999 of them in the past 24 hours!

* We had no appointments today. Except with the couch. Good timing there.

* Aside from obscene tiredness everyone is well again. Feeling thankful for a very short-lived virus, nasty but far preferable to those colds that drag on for weeks. And I am going to anticipate being thankful tomorrow for a good night's sleep tonight because it is going to happen.