Monday, January 7, 2013

I am grateful for...

* Getting out for a decent walk with the little girl and the puppy this morning. Holly gets very silly and naughty if she doesn't get lots of exercise, which is kind of good because it gives me added incentive to get off my bum when I've got the CBF's.

* How ace is a cool shower on a hot day when you've been exercising? Such a simple pleasure that is so easy to take for granted, and yet I'm sure in many countries the idea that we bathe in what is essentially drinking water would be considered grossly decadent. We are the lucky ones.

* Lounging around in swimmers all day, interspersed with splashes in the (little blow up) pool. No appointments. No commitments. Bliss.

* My big boy's social life is just crazy! Which can be vaguely irritating now and again in terms of logistics, but I LOVE that he has friends. Good, caring, lovely friends. The social stuff doesn't always come easy to him, but he has just blossomed over the past six months.

* Skin to skin time with my small one. Fresh and clean straight out of the shower, and just delicious. Enjoying it while I can, like the others she will be grown in no time and I will miss these moments so much.