Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am grateful for...

The view from my driveway this afternoon.
* Our home is safe. If you follow my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you may have seen a photo from this afternoon. There was (and still is) an out of control grassfire not far from where I live. I will freely admit I had a few moments of absolute fear this afternoon. It has moved away from us now but while I'm grateful for that, other have lost their homes and their land and I hope they will be well supported by their communities.

* I said it just a couple of days ago but I will say it again, I'm so thankful to all the CFA volunteers and firies out there who put themselves in harms way for our protection.

* Today showed me that our bushfire plan is woefully inadequate. I'm grateful that we got this opportunity to realise that the threat is very real where we live without having lost anything ourselves this time.

* Got to spend unexpected time with my bestie and her fam who rushed back from their holidays to help out our local community. Always nice to score bonus baby cuddles.

* The temperature has dropped about 10 degrees in the past half hour or so and it is drizzling. I'm so glad the firies now have the weather on their side an I hope all the areas affected by fire today are made safe very quickly.