Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am grateful for...

* Dropped the little two at care this morning and was so excited about my first solo run in ages. It was really chilly, around 11 degrees when I started and I thought I'd do 8kms and just run as much of it as I could. I did 6kms straight the other week so thought 7ish would be an awesome effort.

Instead I ran the whole 8kms in around 52.37 and the last kilometre in 5.30! Which tells me even thought I've thought I was working that I can go harder. I've got that 10kms in my sights now and cannot believe myself.

* I did the 12WBT this time last year and while it really wasn't for me, I'd never have discovered that I CAN run and love it. Nothing beats the endorphins at the end. Unreal.

It was also what prompted me to think about what I DID want out of a group fitness type scenario, and come up with #OperationMOVE. There are two things that have come out of this blog that make me feel spectacularly good. One is Autism: In Our Own Words and the other is #OperationMOVE. Proud? Damn straight I am. And so grateful for the very diverse communities both have created.

* We had our new dog trainer come out today for the first time. While it is more expensive than your standard puppy preschool, we felt given our specific needs it was important that Holly be trained not only in basic obedience but to cope with the additional 'pressures' of being loved on by our Little Mate.

I really liked her a lot, and her dogs were an excellent advertisement indeed. Holly found it very hard work but was quite responsive and I can see already that this will be money well spent. If you are in the Ballarat area the business is Beta Dogs and they are impressing me a lot so far.

* For reasons beyond me half the town is nearly inaccessible due to roadworks at the moment. Because of this my planned shop had to be rerouted and my biggles were sadface as I'd told them we would get donut pops after groceries.

Instead we ended up at an IGA and I'd spotted a cafe on the corner, so instead of blech donuts we splurged an enjoyed afternoon tea at The French Kitchen. It was SO lovely having some big kid time and they we're hilarious with their French accents and endless talk of how Parisienne we were being. Unexpected but perfect.

* The Supertrucker has left for a few days and took our Big Girl who is going to stay with her Grandma for a while. She has been very excited. Getting to be the only child for a bit will be so good for her and some time away from the Big Boy will be good for both of them! We're so blessed to have families that want to spend time with our kids and enjoy them, even if it isn't always easy to organise logistically.