Saturday, January 12, 2013


How good a word is oxymoron? I wish I had more cause to use it.

You know what I have always considered an oxymoron? The term 'fun run'. Especially when attached to some ridiculous distance (ie anything over about 1km). I never understood what on earth there was that could be considered even vaguely fun about running.

Until now.

As it turns out, despite many stumbles in the beginning (and a lot of sweat too), running is in fact fun. Not only that, it is soothing, energising, relaxing and addictive all at once too.

Not glamorous. But so freakin proud after my first 8km straight run.
You may not believe me. I wouldn't have believed me not all that long ago. I'd have clicked away because who wants to read about blah blah running when everyone knows it really sucks?

Every time I run it gets a little easier. So I push a little harder. Already I've achieved things I have considered impossible for 35 or my 36 years. I have never felt so amazed by what my body can do (childbirth aside obviously).

So yesterday I registered for the 15km course of Run For The Kids. In honesty, 15km still sounds pretty damned impossible to me. But so did 2 not all that long ago. And so did 5. And so did 8 and I've conquered all of those already.

I'm excited to have something to train for rather than just higgledy piggledy racing the clock. I am not a fast runner. I'm not a graceful runner either. But I am enthusiastic. And over the past few months I've truly realised that when you aim high, even if you fall short you will be better off for having tried.

So today I'm feeling grateful for how far I have come, and excited about where I will go next. I'm grateful that the Supertrucker is so proud of my efforts and supports me 100%. I'm grateful that my children are seeing exercise as a normal part of every day, and are setting their own little goals and challenges as well.

And I'm grateful for sitting on my bum with a coffee and a chocolate having just gotten back from an 8km walk with the kids. Because I've earned them ;)