Thursday, February 14, 2013

The easiest home made icecream ever!

A while back my Mum was telling me how her Mum used to make icecream with condensed milk, and it was yum.

I would happily eat condensed milk on its own anyway, but condensed milk icecream? Delish!

I played around with quantities a little bit and came up with this recipe. Which I'm sure if you google is pretty much the same as any other condensed milk ice cream recipe and I could've saved myself some time and effort if I'd done that first. But I'm not always all that bright.

I used my Thermomix to make this but I'm sure any decent kitchen mixer would do the job.

You need:

1 tin of sweetened condensed milk
300ml thick cream (suitable for whipping)
Vanilla extract

What you do:

Place the cream in whatever you are using (kitchen mixer, thermomix, whatever).

Set it to whip until it is nice and fluffy.

Pour in a good splash of vanilla extract then whip it for just a few more seconds until it reaches stiff peaks stage.

Pour in the condensed milk. Don't cut your tongue licking the lid.

Mix the cream and condensed milk for about 30 seconds.

Pour into whatever you want to freeze it in. I use a stainless steel bowl personally.

After two hours pour it all back into your mixer and give it a really good whizz for 30 seconds, then pour it back into your freezable container.

After another two hours or so do it again.

And a few hours after that pull it out of the freezer and gobble it all up.

Too easy!

PS are you a condensed milk fan too? I love that it comes in slurping tubes now ;)