Friday, February 1, 2013

#OperationMOVE - Fantastic & Fit for February!

So we're into 2013 proper now. School is back, people are back at work, holidays are over.

Which is sad, but kind of good too. I know I let myself slack off a bit over the holidays and found a million excuses not to move when I should have. It's time to kick my butt back into gear and make me/move time a priority again.

With all the running around I'm doing this year between school, kinder and child care it is already proving really important to actually schedule in when I will exercise and stick to it. Where I could shuffle things around a bit and make it up during the Summer, I now need to be a bit rigid because the make up time just doesn't exist any more. Plus I'm spending a lot more time in my car, ie sitting on my bum so I WANT to get out and move when I can.

Because I'm actually training for a real life THING ermahgerd I'm upping the ante this month and committing to 150kms and 1300 minutes for the month.

When I consider that I started #OperationMOVE last September with a 600 minute goal that I pretty much scraped in, it's kind of amazing to me how far I've come. You too?

So tell me mates, what will you commit to for February? Are you going to be fantastic and fit too?