Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Growing pains

I always thought that growing pains were a bit of an urban myth. I don't remember having them when I was little, but in fairness that was quite a long time ago now.

My big girl will turn eight very soon. I am having growing pains coming to terms with that. Of my four, she was my everbaby. She seemed to be a baby for the longest. She was very petite and a baldy for the longest time as well. I don't know where those years have gone.

She seems to be having physical growing pains though. She complains of aching legs now and again... The aches seem to tie in with periods of eating everything in sight which is often the prelude to a growth spurt too. She is still very lean, but she is also very tall for her age and her legs are ridiculously long, maybe they hurt because they seem to grow twice as fast as the rest of her?

She likes a leg massage, that seems to help sometimes. Occasionally the pain is bad enough that it drives her to tears though and aside from panadol I'm not sure what else I can do to help her.

Have growing pains been a thing at your place? What works to help ease them? And where HAVE those years gone?!