Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's red and yellow and goes nowhere fast? {Sponsored Giveaway}

This post comes to you thanks to Shell and Digital Parents Collective.

The answer is, of course, a Formula 1 Ferrari built from 200 000 pieces of Lego!

Sometimes I get to do really awesome things in the name of blogging. I know right? So lucky!

During the week I was invited to a proper media event. And by proper media I mean there were cameras and people in suits and elbows flying in the melee to get the best photos. It was a definite learning experience, and if you are ever invited to one can I advise steel-capped boots?

Anyway we were there to see Scuderia Ferrari official drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa unveil the life size Lego racing car. So cool!

See that head there! Mainstream media! I tell you!! But how ace is the car?!
They also hung around to chat with the waiting press before heading off to do whatever it is famous race car drivers do in the lead up to a big race. Kick back in front of the telly maybe and order loads of room service. Or possibly that's just what I would do.

Felipe Massa at the launch.
This left our merry band of bloggers free to check out the Lego car up close and personal.

Things I have learned. F1 drivers need to be small because I could NOT get my legs into this thing! It took a few attempts and legs all akimbo. And then I pulled off the Lego steering wheel. That look of hilarity is masking a moment of sheer and utter terror that I was about to get my butt kicked. Then I realised it was magnetic and meant to come off. PHEW!
So why was all this happening? Because from Monday, Shell Coles Express have a series of super cool Ferrari model Lego cars available for only $6 with the purchase of $40 worth of Shell V-Power. There are six in the series and they will be rolled out over six weeks so if you have a Ferrari fan or a Lego Legend at your place you won't want to miss them.

We also had the chance to chat with  'Brick Man' Ryan McNaught - one of only 13 professional Lego constructors in the world - who works on some of the amazing huge Lego creations that you may have seen. I have a number of Lego lovers at my place and to be honest they were way more impressed with my tales of a lifetime of Lego than the racers. My Big Boy has decided it is his life's path to become a Brick Man and so long as it doesn't involve me standing on endless pieces of leftover Lego on the floor I am all for that.

This is not the Brick Man we spoke to. This is a man made of Lego bricks. I may have made a bad joke about Ray Martin needing his hair back. 
And this is my own little Brick Man thinking I'm the world's best Mum because LEGO and CARS and RACING all in one go! He's pretty stoked with the collection!
Do you have a future Brick Man or Woman at your place? If so I think they would LOVE to win a pack of the six Lego Ferarris to build for themselves! I have TWO sets to give away, so they can race their own Ferraris to their hearts content!

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what impossible thing you'd love to see built from Lego in 25 words or less. Please be sure to leave a contact email address and be creative because this is a game of skill! Entries close 5pm Saturday March 23rd and the competition is open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!