Monday, May 6, 2013

Goodbye Girl

Our Holly Dog is off to greener pastures today.

No not THOSE greener pastures, but the ones at my sister's property. Which probably aren't actually any greener than ours. But I digress.

I'm feeling so sad right now, but that's not a speck on how my Little Mate is feeling. Watching their friendship has been such a wonderful thing and I think he will be lost without her for a while.

When my sister found Holly abandoned at the side of the road, she told us that if ever we needed she would take her. She has a number of dogs, some cats, chooks, sheep and a snake. Probably some other animals that I'm forgetting about too. She loves her animals, so much so that she became vegan a year or so ago after becoming vegetarian in her teens.

I hate that we are 'that' family that gives up a dog. Truly hate it.

But having settled in so beautifully, she has become increasingly lonely of late. She cries when we aren't here and won't let us out of her sight for a second when we are. I'm sure some of this stems from her tough start to life, but the fact is that we will get busier and busier in the coming years (and no, another dog is not an option for us).

On top of that, Little Mate has been getting very rough with her. She's a really BIG puppy now, and is starting to retaliate in the way you'd expect. It's so hard when making the boy understand is a challenge in itself, and you can't blame a dog for being a dog.

It isn't a decision we've come to lightly, and we're all going to be a bit emo kid about it for a while I think. But she will be happier there. Lots of company and affection, we can still visit her so she won't be out of our lives entirely, and we won't have to face that situation where far more drastic and heartbreaking action would be necessary.

I am a sad Kate today. But I'm so grateful that my sister will give her a home where she will be loved and treated so well.

Goodbye Holly Shitwell. Thankyou for helping my children get over their fears, and for your affection and love of them. We will miss you so much.