Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shut your mouth.

Something happened today that has me so angry and upset.

I was running late to pick up my Big Boy from after school sport, and when I got there he was one of the last ones there.

The second he got in the car he was visibly shaken and crying, and for a moment I thought it was because I was running late. But it wasn't.

There had been an incident during pack up where another kid had accidentally hit him with a ball, apologised and once his eye stopped hurting all was okay.

What happened after that is so not okay.

The mother of the other child told him he didn't need to apologise. Okay. Kind of weird and rude but okay.

My son held the door for her as she left and she didn't acknowledge him let alone say thankyou. Again, weird and rude but okay.

But as she was getting into her car, she said to her husband within hearing of my son 'I don't care what (her son) does to that kid.'

That kid.

That kid.

Lady, that kid is my son.

That kid sometimes does silly or thoughtless things, just like all kids. Just like your kid.

That kid can have a temper sometimes, and can say inappropriate things. Just like most kids.

That kid has a diagnosis that tells us he sometimes has issues with authority, with social interaction and understanding. That some things are harder for him that for other kids. But if you'd known 'that kid' a few years ago you wouldn't recognise him, he has come so far and developed so much. He has tried and continues to try so hard to do the right thing.

Maybe you are having a really bad day.

Maybe you've heard one side of a story that I'm not aware of.

Maybe you didn't realise that that kid could or would hear you.

But lady, that kid has a Mum who is so upset right now.

That kid deserves better than feeling judged by the parent of one of his friends.

That kid is hurt and upset, because a grown up has indicated that he is worthless.

If that kid is within your hearing, if any kid is within your hearing and you feel the need to put them down, shut your mouth.