Monday, August 18, 2014

Money can't buy.

Things I would really love right now that money can't buy:

More sleep. I get up early to work, but I've had wicked insomnia lately and 3-4 hours is just not enough. It isn't. Yawn.

A crystal ball.
I just want to see where we will be next year and what my business will be doing and to make sure I'm focussing my efforts where I should be. That't not so much to ask is it?

Specifically, clarity as to where my big boy should attend high school. He goes into his last year of primary next year. I have no idea how that is even possible but thinking about high school is giving me palpitations.

A new earworm.
My 3yo discovered Frozen over the weekend. She discovered it, then she rediscovered it over and over. Whilst I love her cuteness in insisting that she is BOTH lead characters and no one else is allowed to be one, and her singing and dancing is insanely gorgeous, I need her to let it go. Let it go. The cold doesn't bother me anyway.

A teleporter.
Because I miss my people.

A new foot.
Maybe I could buy one, but that would probably be a bit excessive given that the one I have is just a bit injured. It is injured enough to be messing with my mental health though. Which also cannot be bought. Frustrating.

Oh hold on. That can be bought. Just as well really, it might be the solution to 90% of the rest of that stuff.