Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A funny thing happened on the way to growing up...

I could write a novel to describe the past two years, but I won't.

I will say that where I thought I could compartmentalise, and box things up neatly, and start over without so much as a backwards glance, I was wrong.

I've had access to this blog having set it to private, and would visit now and again rereading the life stories I shared, and remembering the unwritten life stories going on in the background.

I changed my names. I changed my life. My existence today could not be further removed from where it was the last time I posted here, and yet with all those changes and all the attempts to close off the past it seems I took me with me.

I've tried writing in that time but stumbled again and again. I wondered if the words had left me, or if it was the knowledge that there are people who stalk my public social media with less than honourable intent that made me feel like silence was the only option.

Either way, here we are. I'm not interested in being silenced, so let's see if the words come back with some practice huh?

I'm republishing the last three posts I shared here for the sake of some context, or perhaps just for the sake of my own vanity. The rest will remain private because whilst I am doing the emotional work I need to right now, it is my work to do and I guess I want to see this as a way forward rather than a rearview mirror.

I'm also republishing the recipes I shared here because I've been asked about Monkey Balls and the BEST BROWNIES EVAH enough times since unpublishing to think there may be some value to some people if I do that. Related: in the Monkey Balls recipe I mention my 8 year old son. THAT KID IS 13 NOW. And the years go rolling on.

I wonder what will happen next?

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