Monday, October 3, 2016


The kids have gone back to school today after a happy, busy, exhausting couple of weeks off.

I miss them and I'm happy that Term 4 has started. It is super quiet which is great and weird all at once. School lunches though. Ugh. Bain Marie of my life Kimmy.

I'm 24 weeks pregnant this week. Longest. Pregnancy. Evah.

Word of the week is tired - as it has been for a while now but having found out that my iron levels aren't where they should be I'm really hoping that the supps I've started taking will give me a bit of a lift. Third trimester is just around the corner and I have an insane amount of stuff to get done before I get too unwieldy to do it. Feeling buggered needs to bugger off pronto.

I seem to have reached that weird point where your centre of gravity shifts but it's like your brain hasn't caught on yet. My coordination is hardly award winning at the best of times. Combined with a propensity towards randomly tipping over, I'm beginning to think I need to invest in knee and elbow pads. Funny how towards the end you are super aware of the enormity of belly and are conscientious about keeping balance, but in this in between stage you're just trying to squeeze through impossible spaces (to the great amusement of your kids) and bouncing off things. Or maybe that's just me...

She's super active, our new baby. I do that thing where you gaze endlessly at your navel of an evening and laugh as bits move and poke out and bump around. It is definitely the very best bit of being pregnant - surreal but cool. I never thought I would experience that again so I am soaking it up and trying to ignore the less happy bits.

Our baby is the size of a ruler, as my little girl would tell you. She is obsessed with how big our baby is and asks me nearly every day. Our baby weighs around 500g. We've reached the stage of viability which feels a bit milestonesque, and makes me think about how very long we have to go still and what a miracle it is that some babies born this early can survive.

Best bits: baby kicks and still being able to walk long distances with minimal discomfort - my head is even more grateful than my legs.

Worst bits: reflux is bullshit. Srsly. Who invented that?

I have this rad idea that I'd like to post each week about how things are going, for the 7 of you who are interested. I'm opening a book on how long that lasts given my reknowned pitiful attention span. Any takers?

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