Monday, October 10, 2016


Best bits: I can SEE her kicking and carrying on from the outside now. Trying to catch it on video but she's cheeky. Just like her siblings already ;)

Worst bits: Still stupid mofo reflux. At my wits end. Any tips for relief? Even the strongest OTC meds are doing nothing and it is so horrible and gross.

The week where apparently you finally take a moment to catch your breath and think HOLY MOLY a baby is coming and it is probably time to start organising some stuff!

We've had an intensely busy few months. Preparing a property for sale. A wedding. A family holiday. Choosing colours and having an endless back and forth with the builders of our new home. Plus parenting four busy children. Hectic!

I feel like I've kind of been hanging in there to reach the wedding weekend which has just past - the event that would bookend some massively overscheduled months. And it has, if I don't think about the work still to be done to get the other house on the market and the things coming up this weekend and and and.

But I'm going to have to start giving a bit more mental energy to this new girl who is taking up so much of my physical energy right now.

I never thought it was possible, but between my youngest child (who turns 6 very soon) and now I feel like I have forgotten EVERYTHING. A women posted in my online pregnancy group about buying maternity pads this week and I had a total OMG THEY ARE A THING AND I WILL NEED THEM moment.

And breast pads - please tell me they've improved since the dinner plate sized ones I used last time??

We have a pram, change table, breast pump and baby monitor on layby and the cot that my oldest baby slept in is on it's way back at some stage pretty soon.

We have some odds and ends clothing wise. I have a big box of newborn nappies, and my little girl found some baby toys at Nanna's place on the weekend that she insisted on bringing home for her new sister because she is delightful like that.

I know there's a whole lot of nice to have as opposed to NEED with a new baby. Heck my last two didn't even have bedrooms and this new one will have what is currently our laundry overflow and storage room if I get around to sorting things out. It's all good, I know that.

But I'd also love to know what your BEST baby investment was, and what you wish you hadn't spent your hard earned money on? Come tell me over at Facebook. Curious minds need to know.

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