Disclosure Policy

Kate Says Stuff is a personal blog about all sorts of stuff.

Sometimes people like to send me stuff and that is lovely. If I really like the stuff we've received I may write about it here, or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can assume that when I say I've been sent something that it was a gift. Unless I say that I bought it. In which case, I bought it. Duh.

Branded and promotional content attracts a fee on this blog. You can find out why and what for here. What this means is that when you see a product review or similar, I have received some monetary compensation. 

When I receive stuff you will get my honest opinion. Always. If I don't like the stuff I've been sent I will not write about it here, because who wants to read about crappy stuff?

When I get paid to write stuff or to host other people writing about stuff, that payment is for my time and for the space I have created here. It is not for my opinion, because that is not for sale. Not now. Not ever.