OperationMOVE is a community based program that aims to help you increase your fitness and wellbeing.

It is not a weight loss program, although a number of our members are using it in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet.

You are welcome to join in OperationMOVE at any time, simply go to the forums and introduce yourself.

Each month we commit to a certain number of minutes movement for that month. These numbers are entirely up to you depending on your own health and fitness levels. It is a supportive environment and not a competition... all about feeling great within yourself rather than meeting any generic goals.

How you move in your minutes is your choice. Maybe you go for a walk, maybe you do a class, maybe you dance around the house with the kids. If you are running, swimming, walking or cycling you might also like to make a kilometre commitment for the month.

Come join us and MOVE!

Disclaimer: If you are beginning a new exercise or diet regime please be sure to seek medical advice beforehand. #OperationMOVE, Fit4Life and Kate Says Stuff will not be held liable for any injury that may occur participating in this program. Be sensible, and have fun!