About me

I think I’ve talked enough about me on the main page, but my friend who helped me create this website tells me that it’s important that I have this About me page and I need to write a few short sentences about me here as well. So here it goes.

I’m Kate Gilbert, a mother of three, a housewife and a part-time public speaker about the issues that parents in these modern times of ours face. My little family unit consists of me, Kate, my husband Ryan, and our three kids, 2 boys, and 1 girl. I’ve been a wife for about 20 years now, and a mom for 15. During that time I’ve learned a thing of two about motherhood and that’s what brought me to starting my little side project of being public speaker on the topic of parenting.

My friends actually gave me the idea of starting to speak about the issues that trouble young parents in this modern world of ours. At social gatherings with my friends who are for the most part moms, everyone kept turning to me for advice after seeing how well behaved and how good of a relationship I have with my kids. This habit of my friends then turned to calls from them to come to their house when they had problems with their kids. I managed to help most of them, so they started inviting me to various local events, parent support meetings, etc to talk and give my insight. And so Kate Says Stuff was born.

Now my days are mostly spent taking care of my family and preparing material for my speaking events and lectures. I’m based in New Hampshire, so that’s the area that I operate the most. I’m still not famous enough to go on a national tour, 🙂 . One day though, 😉 . So, if you’re anywhere close to New Hampshire and would like to come to one of my lectures, get in touch with me. Events that I visit are usually very small and limited number of people can visit. I’ll see what I can do to fit you in somewhere. For everything else, my thoughts and ramblings, I’ve setup this website. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again.